Non-Destructive Testing Services





Radiography - Utilizing: Iridium 192, Cobalt 60  and  X-Ray, Automated Pipeline Crawlers. Digital or Conventional.


Ultrasonic Inspection Services - Including: Phased Array, Flaw Detection, Lamination, Thickness.


Magnetic Particle - Wet Fluorescent, Dry Powder, Yoke, Prod and Coil Techniques


Dye Penetrant - Fluorescent and Red Dye Inspection 


Remote Visual - Fiber Optics, Boroscope, Monitor & Disc Recording


Hardness Test - Brinell, Rockwell, Equotip, Telebrineller


PMI/Alloy Analysis - Positive Metal Identification


Visual - API 510, 570, 653 AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI)


Vendor Surveillance & QA/QC Personnel  Vendor Surveillance Personnel and QA/QC Services


In-House Capabilities:

We provide a full range of NDT services in house including:



  • Radiography - In-house vaults utilizing Iridium 192, Cobalt 60 and X-Ray Tube. Digital or Conventional



  • Magnetic Particle - Wet Fluoresecnt, Dry Powder, Yoke, Prod, Stationary Bench with Coil & Head Shot with up to 2000 AMPS.



  • Dye Penetrant - In line systems; Fluorescent and Red Dye Inspection 



  • Ultrasonic Inspection Services - Including: Flaw Detection, Lamination, Thickness, Phased Array