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TGR Refinery Industry
TGR Refinery Industry

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TGR PetroChemical Industry
TGR PetroChemical Industry

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TGR GeoThermal Industry
TGR GeoThermal Industry

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TGR Refinery Industry
TGR Refinery Industry

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Industries We Serve


  • Refining​

  • Petro-Chemical​

  • Chemical

  • Midstream

  • Upstream​​​​​

  • Power


  • Pipeline

  • Pulp & Paper​

  • Fabrication

  • Aerospace

  • Offshore

  • Construction​​​​​

  • Manufacturing

  • Bio Mass

  • Geo-Thermal


TGR Industrial Services

Founded in 1976, TGR Industrial Services; formerly Tulsa Gamma Ray and Texas Gamma Ray, is a national provider of Non-Destructive Testing and Heat Treating Services. TGR's business is assuring the integrity and optimization of critical components and process systems. TGR Technicians are certified to industry recognized standards in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, API, EPRI, AWS, NACE and FAA Certified Repair Station, while utilizing the most technologically advanced industry equipment available.


Our mobile fleet is equipped to go anywhere with a highly capable team of technicians that are experienced to take on the most demanding of projects. TGR also offers extensive In-house testing and stress relieving capabilities.


TGR’s “safety first” culture is principal in our work. We are guided by our core values which we live every day and on every job and is fundamental to our success and reputation.  

TGR Industrial Locations

TGR Office Locations

TGR Office & Client Locations
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On Call and & Available 24/7. 


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Our Commitment to Safety

TGR Industrial Services is committed to an accident free workplace. We inherently believe that every accident is avoidable. A safety first attitude is embedded in our culture.



Survey Surroundings - Assess Hazards - Focus Continually - Ensure Safety

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