Computed Radiography


Computed Radiography (CR), is one of the many state-of-the-art technologies utilized by TGR Industrial Services. Computed Radiography uses phosphor plates to capture the subject area of inspection. The phosphor plates can be re-used for subsequent inspections. Phosphor plates are processed by a state of the art digitized laser scanner. The resolution and clarity is significantly better than conventional film. This process eliminates the need for hazardous processing chemicals that may have harmful effects on the environment. The Computed Radiography system requires less radiation, which translates into reduced exposure times thus minimizing boundary time and increasing productivity.


Provides results in minutes, digital radiography minimizes wait time and is ideal for jobs with time constraints. Another significant advantage is image storage. Rather than having hundreds of pieces of film, CR images can be stored on a medium of your choice. You can email images and save images to a thumb drive, C drive or any other storage device. Our mobile digital darkrooms offer onsite results in the most remote locations. Digital Radiography is now accepted for weld quality by API, AWS, and ASME.


The conversion from film to digital radiography has been gradual. Although codes do accept digital radiography, oftentimes asset owners are hesitant to change their procedures, leading them to continue using what they know works and what their teams are comfortable using and missing the opportunities to realize the benefits new technology affords.

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