All Technicians are Certified in Accordance with:


  • ASNT- SNT-TC-1A and EPRI Certified Technicians


  • ASNT ACCP Level II & III RT, MT, PT, UT, VT: The ACCP programs provides a central certification system for NDT Level II personnel that meets or exceeds all of the requirements of CP-106, the U.S. adoption of ISO 9712.


  • Pressure Equipment Directive PED Level III RT, MT, PT, UT


  • PED 97/23/EC meets the requirments of Annex I of the Pressure Directive Regulations.


  • NAS 410 Level I, II, III




  • TGR is an active member of ISNetworld and Veriforce Qualification Management Systems.



TGR Industrial

About TGR:


TGR takes a common sense approach to its operating philosophy; provide the customer with certified, qualified, and well equipped personnel, which are supported by clear and defined processes. TGR’s talented management members are focused on understanding the customer’s needs and empowering our employees to think creatively to solve the challenges that arise.


Our team is mobile and capable of deploying anywhere. Our technicians are experienced and prepared to take on the most demanding projects.


TGR’s entire team is guided by the core values which we live every day and on every job.


We fundamentally believe that through continual training and investment in trending equipment assets we can deliver consistent, accurate and timely results to our customers.  


Core Values:


Safety: Is the fabric of our culture and evident in everything we do


Integrity: Demands we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards


Respect: For all individuals


Customer Value Creation: Through responsiveness and working

collaboratively with our customers 


Mission Statement:


TGR’s fundamental practice is to provide the highest level of testing, Heat Treating and engineering support services available in the industry.


Our talented management team and our knowledgeable, qualified employees are empowered to work collaboratively with our customers to offer solutions.


We believe that safety, integrity, respect and customer value creation is the cornerstone to creating long term partnerships with our customers, vendors and employees. 


TGR Industrial